Ken Pagliaro

Ken Pagliaro
Ken Pagliaro
Ken Pagliaro
  • Ken Pagliaro is a Manhattan Beach - California based travel and surf photographer. After receiving his first SLR Camera in 1996 and having a background in art, Ken realized that he had found a new medium for expressing his creativity. Ken went on to fine tune his skills at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Since then, he has developed his craft by traveling the world from Central America to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Europe and throughout the United States shooting anything and everything. Ken's great respect and love of nature inspires him to capture landscapes in their many facets: dramatic and undisturbed, but where he feels most at home is showcasing people in their most present moments. Ken has an honest love for those around him and a genuine kindness that puts people at ease.

    Ken also uses an SPL Waterhousing along with his Nikon photo equipment for recording the magnificence of the ocean. As an experienced surfer Ken has no problems diving right in to capture this unique and dynamic perspective.

    Ken has worked with Target, Chevrolet, Coors Brewing Company, Nikon, Vans, Patagonia, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, PAC12, U.S. Coast Guard, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and many more. His work has been widely published in books, magazines, news journals, surf videos and more.

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