Ben Brough

Ben Brough
Ben Brough
Ben Brough
  • It’s difficult to believe it has taken us two years to feature the work of Californian-born artist Ben Brough. Sure, Ben is an artist – but he’s many more things besides: surfer, designer, father, husband, conversationalist, skateboarder, art scholar and sheer creative force of nature.

    This is something his friend Craig Barker picked up on recently. “Ben would be making artwork of all kinds even if he wasn’t participating in the ‘art world’ just because he HAS to … and that’s important”. This idea of a creative life being as important and fulfilling as the work itself is a theme Ben comes back to often during an hour long conversation that ranges around the world and covers everything from the story-telling lineage of Mexican mural art to the lonely, solitary stoke of catching a wave.

    “I like the process and the discipline of it”, he says. “It’s like if I don’t surf. If I don’t create, I feel a little off. There are no labels. I’m just trying to do everything and just be into everything”.

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