Carlo Marcucci

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Carlo Marcucci
Carlo Marcucci
Carlo Marcucci
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  • NATO: Firenze,  1962

    2016 SIXTY29 CONTEMPORARY: “Objects, Space and Light”, Culver City, CA: July 1 to October 31, 2016
    2015 THE LOFT AT LIZ'S GALLERY: "Palate to Palette", Los Angeles, CA: May 5 to June 22
    2014 ART1307: “7 Magnifici Anni”, Villa Di Donato, Naples, Italy: November 28, 2013 to April 4
    2013 LORA SCHLESINGER GALLERY: “Summer Group Show”, Santa Monica, Ca: July 27 to August 31
    ANDROMEDA CONTEMPORANEO: “Abstracción Movimiento Internacionalista”, San José, Costa Rica: March 6-28
    2012 LORA SCHLESINGER GALLERY: “Summer Group Show”, Santa Monica, Ca: August 4 to September 1
    LORA SCHLESINGER GALLERY: “Small Paintings”, Santa Monica, Ca: March 3 to April 14
    MEMORIAL ART GALLERY / UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER: “Extreme Materials 2”, Rochester, NY: October 23, 2011 to January 15
    2011 LORA SCHLESINGER GALLERY: “Small Work exhibition”, Santa Monica, Ca: December 11, 2010 to January 22

    2010 LORA SCHLESINGER GALLERY: "Judith Foosaner & Carlo Marcucci", Santa Monica, CA: May 22 to July 3
    ART 1307 / VILLA DI DONATO: “Latitude 34-40”, Naples, Italy: November 1 to 30
    OFFRAMP GALLERY: “Summer 2010 Group Show”, Pasadena, CA: July 11 to August 22

    2009 OFFRAMP GALLERY: "Carlo Marcucci, Susan Sironi & Joyce Dallal", Pasadena, CA: March 8 to April 19
    OFFRAMP GALLERY: “Small Works”, Pasadena, CA: November 8 to December 13
    JOSÉ DRUDIS-BIADA ART GALLERY at MOUNT ST. MARY’S COLLEGE: “Marked Intensity”, Los Angeles, CA: October 11 to November 7.
    516 ARTS: “West Southwest: ABQ-LA Exchange”, Albuquerque, NM: April 4 to May 16
    ART 1307 / VILLA DI DONATO: “Proposte per una collezione”, Naples, Italy: April 2 to 30
    LA ARTCORE: “West Southwest: ABQ-LA Exchange”, Los Angeles, CA: April 1 to 30
    MUSEUM OF ARTS & DESIGN: “Second Lives: Remixing The Ordinary”, New York City, NY: September 27, 2008 to April 19
    2008 LA ARTCORE at Union Center for the Arts: “Carlo Marcucci & Ann Gooding”, Los Angeles, CA: November 2 to 30
    MAKII MASARU FINE ARTS: “Near West”, Tokyo, Japan: October 18 to 30
    LA CONTEMPORARY, Los Angeles, CA: June 28 to July 26
    GENSLER: “Above & Beyond”, Santa Monica, CA: July 23 to October 23
    SALON OBLIQUE: “Lush”, Los Angeles, CA: April 12 to May 24
    RED DOT ART FAIR NYC, New York City, NY: March 27 to 30
    LAX AIRPORT / BRADLEY INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL: “Modernism Today”, Los Angeles, CA: August 6, 2007 to January 24
    2007 LA ARTCORE: “Crosscurrent USA / Tokyo”, Los Angeles, CA: September 19 to 30
    TOKYO METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, Tokyo, Japan: August 22 to 30
    GALLERY KINGYO, Tokyo, Japan: August 22 to 30
    SAN LUIS OBISPO ART CENTER, San Luis Obispo, CA: January 6 to March 3

Carlo Marcucci & Ann Gooding at LA Artcore

Video della Mostra di presso la LA ARTCORE di Union Center in Los Angeles dal 2 al 30 Novembre 2008.

Judith Foosaner & Carlo Marcucci exhibition at Lora Schlesinger Gallery

A short video of two exhibitions featuring Bay area artist Judith Foosaner's black and white abstract paintings and collages and Southern California artist Carlo Marcucci's wall-mounted minimal sculptures made of pasta and rice.
The show was held at Lora Schlesinger Gallery in Santa Monica, California, from May 22 to July 9, 2010.
Soundtrack "The Professor's Lab" by Christian Bjoerklund

Carlo Marcucci at Offramp Gallery

Carlo Marcucci solo exhibition at Offramp Gallery, Pasadena, CA, March 8 - April 19, 2009.

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