Simon Toparovsky

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Simon Toparovsky
Simon Toparovsky
  • studied    1970-73
    1969-70    California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland. University of California, Berkeley.
    Temple University, Philadelphia.       


    H. Wayne Eley, Associates, Hand Bookbinders, New Haven, Connecticut.
    Henry Brooks, Ltd., Hand Bookbinders, Oxford, England.       
        1971-72    Capricornus School of Hand Bookbinding and Restoration, Berkeley,


    “La Colonna Infame,” exhibition sponsorship awarded by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Italy, Rome;, the Minister of Culture for the Federation of Russia, Moscow;  the Consul General of Italy in St. Petersburg, Russia and the Minister for Culture of the Province of Milan.
    “La Costituzione Americana”, exhibition sponsorship awarded by the       

    2000    Consul General of the United States, U.S. Mission to Italy; Council for
    Culture of the City of Milano and the Council for Museums and
    Exhibitions, the City of Milano.
    Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral,       


    1991    commission to design and produce the main altar crucifix; life-size,
    cast bronze and wood.
    Arts/Industry residency at Kohler Co., Kohler, Wisconsin, a program of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center with major funding from Kohler Co. and the National Endowment for the Arts
    Art in America 91/92 Guide, “La Reina de Los Angeles” selected       
    1990    1990 in Review: Public Art.
    Design Excellence Awards for “Leaning Toward Light”, catalog for the       

    1990    Otis/Parsons exhibition: James River Paper Co., American Institute
    of Graphic Arts and American Foundation for the Arts.
    City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Department, Individual Artist       

    1989    grant to design, fabricate and install a permanent public artwork, “La
    Reina de Los Angeles”.
    New School for Social Research, faculty development grant       
    1985    (Otis/Parsons).
    Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum of the Smithsonian       

    1980+83    Institution- special designation, “Tikal Codex: first book as art in the
    permanent collection of artists’ books”.
    National Endowment for the Arts, Visual Artists Fellowships.       

    1980    National Endowment for the Arts, Master Craftsman Apprenticeship
    Grants, Center for Book Arts, New York City.
    American Art Library Award, best library exhibition catalog design       

    1979    1979, for Adelphi University exhibition catalog: "Hand Bookbinding:
    the Art and Craft".
    Craft Apprenticeship selection panel member, National Endowment       
            for the Arts.    

    public art    2012    Millennium Park, wall panel installations, in collaboration       
            with MacLeod Reckord Landscape Architects, Seattle, Washington,       
            commissioned by the Lake Oswego Foundation for the Arts and the       
            Arts Council of the City of Lake Oswego, Oregon.       
        2003    Creative Council, Milano, Italy       
        2002    Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral, Los Angeles       
        1998-2001    Millennium Park, Percent for Art Program, Lake Oswego, Oregon.       
        1995    University of Southern California, School of Medicine, Los Angeles.       
        1994    Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles, Percent for Art Program, City       
            of Los Angeles.       
        1990    Otis Art Institute, City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Commission    

    consulting +    2007-    Hortus Conclusus, exterior design, furniture and furnishings with       
    commissions        architect Andrea Croce, Milano.       
        2002-    Erin Martin Design, St. Helena, California.       
        2000-    Randy Franks Studio, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.       
        2000    Steven Ehrlich Architects, Los Angeles, sculpture garden/water       
            installations, Koffler residence.       
        2000-    Peter Becker, Architect, Santa Barbara       
        1999    Andromeda International, Murano, Italy, blown glass lighting design       
        1998-99    MacLeod Reckord Landscape Architects, Seattle, Millennium Park,       
            Lake Oswego, Oregon.       
        1998    Los Amigos Cultural Award, design and execution, Los Angeles       
            Convention and Visitors Bureau.       
        1996    Mason Phelps Collection, Icarus Garden, La Jolla, California.       
        1989    Koning Eisenberg Architecture, Los Angeles.       
        1988    Michael Jackson, Los Angeles.       
        1987    Phillbrook Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma.       
        1986    Jean Brown Collection, J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu.       
        1985-87    Sam Francis, Lapis Press, Santa Monica, California.       
        1984    J. Paul Getty Museum, Illuminated Manuscript Department, Malibu.       
        1983-84    Women’s Building, Women’s Graphic Center, Los Angeles.       
        1982-83    Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Program Development, Virginia.       
        1982-83    Nexus Press, Hand Bookbinding for Artists Program, Atlanta.       
        1982    National Endowment for the Arts, site evaluator for artists’       
            organization grants.       
        1981    Center for Editions and the Art of the Book, State University of New       
            York, Purchase.       
        1980    Michael Singer, Sperone Westwater Fisher, New York City.       
        1980    Metropolitan Opera Company, New York City.       
        1975    Larry Rivers and Tatyana Grosman, Universal Limited Art Editions,       
            West Islip, NewYork.    
    publications    2011

    2010    “La Colonna Infame, Ariel Soulé and Simon Toparovsky,” exhibition catalog, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Erarta, St. Petersburg, Russia.  Essays by Mikhail Ovchinnikov, director and Svetlana Darsalia. Russian, Italian, English with installation photographs. “Ariel Soule and Simon Toparovsky:  A Letter from the Renaissance,       

    2008    the Double Soul”, booklet for the UCLA exhibition. In collaboration
    with Horn Press/UCLA. Johanna Drucker: letterpress printed covers on mold-made paper, text on paper and vellum, hand-sewn, edition of 300. Essay by Gianni Donatelli.
    "COMBOS", Soulé+Toparovsky, catalog for the exhibition, Palazzo       

    2007    Zamara, Franco Rossi Gallery, Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia, Italy.
    Creative Council /Agema Publications, Milan.
    “Religio and Los Angeles’s Crucifix: an interview with Simon       

    2007    Toparovsky”, by art historian Damon Willick, on the Cathedral
    Crucifix and contemporary art. Images and critical essay for Spiritus
    Journal, The Johns Hopkins University Press.
    “Qui, del Dicibile”, catalogs for the exhibition, installation in Chiesa       

    2003    Santa Maria Incoronata, Naples, Italy. Essays by art critic Tommaso
    Trini, Milano and art historian Damon Willick, Los Angeles.
    “La Costituzione Americana”, catalog for a work in four hands,       

    2003    sculpture and painting installation with Ariel Soulé, Chiesa di S. Paolo
    Converso, Milano, Italy. Essays and poetry..
    “Ex Occidente Lux”, brochure for first solo exhibition in Italy, at       

    1995    Franco Rossi Gallery, Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia. Essay by art
    critic, Eugenio Schatz, Milano.
    "Flight of Icarus", catalog of solo exhibition, Lizardi/Harp Gallery.       
    1990    Essay by Robert Barrett.
    “Leaning Toward Light”, catalog celebrating the unveiling of “La       

    1981    Reina de Los Angeles” and concurrent solo exhibition at
    Otis/Parsons North Gallery. Foreword by Dean Roger Workman and essay by Eudorah M. Moore.
    Fine Print Magazine, San Francisco, California, “Featured Bookwork:       

    1979    Beaubourg Book”, explaining collaborative work through the Artist’s
    Book Consulting Service.
    “Hand Bookbinding: the Art and Craft”, catalog of the Adelphi       
            University exhibition, technical and historical perspectives, Adelphi
    University Press.       

    selected lectures + workshops    

    Getty Museum/UCLA Focus Tours—a program organized to contextualize the Soulé and Toparovsky contemporary workshops installation "A Letter from the Renaissance" with historically important works in the Getty Collection.
    Pepperdine University, Art History Series. “Imagining Making Jesus”       

    2004    J. Paul Getty Museum, a presentation: “Imagining Making Jesus”
    (Toparovsky) for "Imagining Christ: Intersections of Art and Theology”, a panel discussion moderated by Professor Jack Miles, Harold M. Williams Auditorium, Getty Center, Los Angeles.
    American Art Libraries Society, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels,       
    2003    “Making the Crucifix”, Los Angeles.
    The Costume Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.       
        1998    American Association of Museums, Los Angeles.    
        1996    Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.       
    1994    Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc), Los Angeles.
    John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan , Wisconsin. Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.       

    1986-95    Yale University, School of Art, Graduate Studies Program in Design,
    New Haven.
    Scripps College, Claremont Graduate School, California.       
    1984    University of California, Los Angeles, Design Department.
    Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design, Los Angeles. Long Beach Museum, California.       
    1983    Memphis College of Art, Tennessee.
    Women’s Graphic Center, Los Angeles. Nexus Press, Atlanta.
    State Department of Education, Richmond, Virginia.       
        1982    University of Alaska, Anchorage.       
        1982    Alaska Association for the Arts, Fairbanks.       
    1982    Los Angeles County Museum.
    Visual Arts Center of Alaska, Anchorage.
    “Bookworks: 1982”, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia.       
    1979    Georgia Council on the Arts, Atlanta.
    Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore. Virginia Museum, artist-in-residence, Richmond. Richmond Printmaking Workshop, Virginia. Designer Bookbinders, London, England.       
        1979    Adelphi University, Fine Arts Library, Garden City, New York.       
         1979    Temple University, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia.       
    1976-81    International Board on Books for Young People, London, England.
    Center for Book Arts, New York City.       


    For “Qui, del Dicibile”, Chiesa Santa Maria Incoronata, film produced by Randall Boyd, Terra Firma Productions, Los Angeles; camera
    by LeonardoExtra, Laura and Luigi Rotondo, Rome; camera, Federica Savarese, Napoli; original music, Giovanni Rotondo, Los Angeles/Napoli (on YouTube)
    “Qui, del Dicibile”, an original film by Nicolangelo Gelormini,       

    2005    sponsored by the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Rome (on
    For "La Costituzione Americana", filmed and edited by Alejandro       
            Lightowler Stalberg, produced by Randall Boyd, Terra Firma
    Production (on YouTube).       





    University of California, Los Angeles, College of Art, visiting professor.
    Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design, Los Angeles, co- founder Laboratory Press.
    Richmond Printmaking Workshop, Hand Bookbinding for Artists, Virginia.
    Center for Book Arts, faculty director for the apprenticeship program, New York City.
    Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, Connecticut.    
    public +    2013    “La Colonna Infame”, Ariel Soulé and Simon Toparovsky, National       
    museum        Museum of Contemporary Art, Kaunas, Lithuania       
    exhibitions    2013    “La Colonna Infame”, Ariel Soulé and Simon Toparovsky, Riga       
            Bourse, National Museum of Latvia, Riga       
        2013    “La Colonna Infame”, Ariel Soulé and Simon Toparovsky, Pushkin       
            House, Moscow, Russia       
        2012-13    “La Colonna Infame”, State Museum of Fine Art, Pskov, Russia       
        2012    “La Colonna Infame”, Center for Contemporary Art, Veliky Novgorod,       
        2011-12    “La Colonna Infame,” Ariel Soulé and Simon Toparovsky ,debut:  the       
            Museum of Contemporary Art, Erarta, St. Petersburg, Russia.       
            Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Italy, Rome;  the Consul       
            General of Italy in St. Petersburg, Russia and the Council for Culture       
            of the Province of Milan. Traveling.       
        2010    "A Letter from the Renaissance", Ariel Soulé and Simon Toparovsky.       
            A contemporary art installation for UCLA Library Special Collections,       
            Los Angeles.       
        2010    “Sentieri di Pace”, Museo Internazionale d‘Arte Contemporanea,       
            Fondazione Don Tonino Bello, Alessanno Lecce, Italia       
        2007    "Qui, del Dicibile" ("Here, the Sayable"), exhibition sponsorship       
            awarded by the Minister of  Culture of Italy: the Superintendent for       
            Fine Art, Naples; the Consulate of the United States, Naples; the       
            Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles.       
        2006    "Evita's Perfect Fall", installation, a work in four hands with Ariel       
            Soulé, Palazzo del Comune, Teglio-Sondrio, Italy, sponsored by the       
            Assesore alla Cultura.       
        2006    Castello Ursinio, Catania, Sicily.       
        2003    "La Costituzione Americana", with Ariel Soulé a work in four hands,       
            installation for the 16th century cloister church of San Paolo       
            Converso, Milano: traveling. Catalog of images, historical and       
            philosophical essays, and poems.       
        2000-01    International Furniture Design Fair, Milan, Italy; debut of production       
            furniture and furnishings designs: limited edition and one-of-a-kind       
            hand-blown glass lighting fixtures/Andromeda International, Murano;       
            upholstered furniture and hand-woven tables and seating/Vittorio       
            Bonacina e C., Lurago d’Erba, Como, Italia.       
        1997    Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, Austin.       
        1995    “Body, Mind, Spirit”, Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, Scripps       
            College, Claremont, California.       
        1995    Riverside Museum of Art, California.       
        1994    University of Southern California, Los Angeles (solo).       
        1990    Otis/Parsons North Gallery, Los Angeles (solo).       
        1987-90    “The Eloquent Object”, Phillbrook Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Boston       
            Museum of Fine Art; Chicago Art Institute; Virginia Museum of Fine       
            Art; Museums of Modern Art, Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.       
        1988    Boston Athenaeum.       
        1988    Toledo Art Museum, Ohio.       
        1984    Thomas J. Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum, New York.       
        1983    Neuberger Museum, Purchase, New York.       
        1983-85    Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Richmond, Virginia.    
    1982     Pratt Institute, Pratt Graphic Center/Manhattan.
    1981     Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Institute of Contemporary Art, Richmond
    1981     Kunstmuseum, Zurich.
    1981     Cincinnati Museum of Art, Ohio.
    1981     Queens Museum, New York.
    1980     Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna.
    1979     Bibliothèque Nationale, Centre Georges Pompidou (Beaubourg), Museum of Decorative Arts (Palais du Louvre), National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, Paris: traveling.
    1979     Wildcliff Museum, New Rochelle, New York.
    1978     Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles.

    selected    2011    “Tabulae”, with Ariel Soulé, Palazzo Zamara, Franco Rossi Gallery,       
    exhibitions        Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia, Italy.       
        2008    “COMBOS”, with Ariel Soulé, Palazzo Zamara, Franco Rossi Gallery,       
            Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia, Italy       
        2007    Creative Council, Milano, Italy (solo).       
        2003    "Ex Occidente Lux", Palazzo Zamara, Franco Rossi Gallery,       
            Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia, Italy (solo).       
        1997    “Simon Toparovsky”, Chac-Mool Gallery, Los Angeles (solo).       
        1996-97    Allene La Pides, Santa Fe, New Mexico.       
        1995-97    Ochi Fine Art, Sun Valley and Ketchum, Idaho.       
        1995-96    “Flight of Icarus”, Lizardi/Harp Gallery, Los Angeles (solo)       
        1991-92    “Abundance & Yearning”, Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica,       
            California (solo).       
        1988    Erasmus Haus, Basel, Switzerland.       
        1985    University of Chicago.       
        1985    Dallas Public Library.       
        1984    Washington Project for the Arts, D.C.       
        1984    University of California, Los Angeles, Fine Arts Library.       
        1984    New York Public Library, New York City.       
        1984    Otis/Parsons Gallery, Los Angeles.       
        1983    Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Virginia (solo).       
        1983    Nexus Gallery, Atlanta (solo).       
        1982    Zoma Gallery, New York City (solo).       
        1982    Helen Drutt Gallery, Philadelphia (solo).       
        1981    Forro de Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City.       
        1981-82    Kathryn Markel Gallery, New York City.       
        1981    Princeton University, Graphic Arts Collection, New Jersey.       
        1979    Cooper Union, Houghton Gallery, New York City.       
        1979    Grolier Club, New York City.       
        1979    Galerie Jacques Fivel, Paris.       
        1979    Adelphi University, Fine Arts Library, Garden City, New York (solo).       
        1979    Fendrick Gallery, Washington, D.C.       
        1977    Center for Book Arts, New York City (solo).       
        1977    Yale University, Arts of the Book Room, Sterling Library, New Haven       
    selected     Andrea and Carlos Alberini, Los Angeles collections     Gruppo Agema, Milano, Italy
    AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts
    Gail Altman and Charles Boswell, Los Angeles
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