Evento: Estate Italiana

Estate Italiana

Estate Italiana

Gli Italiani al MOAH

Marco Casentini Max Coppeta Nicola Evangelisti Carlo Marcucci Antonella Masetti Lucarella Alex Pinna Carla Viparelli

MOAH - Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, California
Dal 26/08/2017 al 22/10/2017
Curatore: Cynthia Penna - Andy Campognone

As part of a cultural exchange program between MOAH and ART1307, an arts institution originating in Naples, Italy, Estate Italiana features a diverse group of Italian artists who represent the wide scope of contemporary art in the northern, central and southern regions of the country. A variety of media, from painting, to sculpture, to video installation and murals will be showcased in this exciting exhibition, featuring work by Marco Casentini, Carla Viparelli, Carlo Marcucci, Alex Pinna, Antonella Masetti, Max Coppeta, Nicola Evangelisti and guest curated by ART1307’s Cynthia Penna Simonelli.

Carlo Marcucci
Nicola Evangelista